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Bus Driver

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"Attractive game that will make you feel like a real bus driver, from your PC"
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Bus Driver

Bus Driver will make you live the experiences of a professional bus driver. We are talking about a particular game that sets as the objective the transportation of passengers around a realistic city full of attractive areas.

Here you will have to drive to a timetable on planned routes, respecting all the traffic rules on the city. What´s hilarious about this cool game is that passengers may get upset or mad if you don´t take proper care of your job; so take it seriously.

In Bus Driver you will see a diversity of twelve bus models (school bus, double-decker, etc.) besides of thirty routes in which weather conditions will vary at specific times of the day. That´s not it, you can also select from a diversity of duties which will let you become a driver for prisoner´s buses, school buses, tourism buses and more.

The city has been designed with an expansive environment including many large districts with all type of styles such as: suburb, modern, harbor, old-town, airport and others.

Bus Driver will make you feel like a real bus driver.

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Version 1.5
License Demonstration
On Site Since 21/April/2010
Author SCS Software
Last Update 27/February/2013
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Language English (GB)
Compatible Windows Millennium, Windows 98, Windows XP
Requirements DirectX