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"Get notified of Yahoo! Messenger buddies, even if they hide their online presence"
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Users of Yahoo! Messenger might want to read on as here we present a dedicated utility they might be interested in, called BuddyCheck. As a regular Yahoo! Messenger user you're probably aware one can change its online status as to hide the fact on is in reality online, but this is not shown to other people using the messenger having you as their buddy.

As such, you might be interested in finding out who's really online, even if they are hiding their presence like mentioned before. This is possible through the product presented here, called BuddyCheck.

With this application you'll get notifications even if your buddies are invisible or using stealth mode. So, if you're interested in this BuddyCheck, you might consider proceeding to the download to find out more particularities about setting up notifications to be received about your buddies' real status.

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