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"BS.Player | Versatile audio and video player"
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The freeware application presented here is called BS.Player. As you landed on this page you’re probably also using your Windows computer to play music and video. Nowadays, many source material is freely available via the internet, but there’s a wide range of formats in which both audio and video are offered. As such, you need a dedicated multimedia player that can handle these, and BS.Player promises you’ll be able to reproduce most of these formats, including all the popular ones.

BS.Player can play almost all media files you’ll encounter

Your Windows computer comes standard with a media player installed on it, but you might have experienced problems when trying to play certain video or audio files. For example, you might have received error messages indicating a codec could not be found on your system. Well, with BS.Player you have an alternative for playing back media files. It’s a complete and fully compatible application for audio and video playback that identifies missing codecs which it can then download and install for you.

BS.Player offers both simplicity yet an advanced selection of features all aimed at providing you the multimedia entertaining experience you’re after.

Let’s get into some details about BS.Player

In BS.Player you will find an efficient media library capable of sorting media files stored on your hard drive by categories such as genre, artist or album. As such, all your content will be clearly organised and you will be able to quickly explore your multimedia collection to find the items you’re looking for.

One of the interesting features offered by this player is its drag-and-drop support, allowing you to easily import files from anywhere on your computer. BS.Player also includes a feature that offers you the option to download videos from YouTube, functionality not offered by the YouTube website itself.

This multimedia player can of course play many kinds of videos and DVD movies, as this player supports almost all existing video formats. Note that CD, DVD and BD are supported.

Furthermore, at the time of playback, BS.Player can load and display various subtitle formats. Moreover, it even provides an option for the subtitles’ location on the screen.

Besides video, you can also use it to play all your favourite music tracks as it features support for almost all audio formats.

Radio features are also present and many presets are readily available, providing easy access to a variety of music genres.

Conclusion about BS.Player

BS.Player is a versatile and rather complete multimedia player and a suitable alternative for standard players. It can handle most audio and video formats and automatically installs missing codecs. CD, DVD and BD are also supported, subtitles, radio, you name it, most of the features and functionality you’re looking for in a media player can be found in this one.

Furthermore, BS.Player is a user-friendly and easy-to-use application, suitable for even the novice computer users among you.

So, if interested in this free multimedia player, consider hitting the download button so you can start enjoying all your preferred audio and video material without any problem.

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