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"Manage/download/share torrents and all type of files accelerating their speed"
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Bitcomet is a hard to match multifunctional management program that supports the Bittorrent, HTTP and FTP protocols.

This program offers an advanced set of features which combined with the protocols it supports will enable you to download and share all type of files, besides of the acceleration of downloading speed up to 10 times faster. That`s right, one of the best capabilities in the program provides you with faster download processes. That`s why Bitcomet sets itself apart and becomes excellent.

Bitcomet offers a clear and intuitive interface with stylish icons and great diversity of options you can use to manage and get total control over downloads.

Thanks to its Bittorrent support you will be able to download and share all type of torrent files such as videos, music, images, games, etc. At the time of downloading, you can make use of a preview feature to see if you are downloading stuff you are expecting. There`s an option to set higher or lower priority on files in any torrent, so that you can choose which files finish downloading first.

Downloads through HTTP and FTP are quickly done thanks to the innovative P2P system. This Bittorrent technology finds other users and downloads data from them, which will increase downloading speed depending on the number of users sharing a particular file, the more people sharing the faster it gets. The program features an Intelligent File Rename feature that lets you create a new name for your downloaded files. The Quick Resume feature can resume interrupted downloads from the point they got stopped.

Bicomet lets you to customize download management. It allows per-task and global speed limit for both download and upload, besides of the automatic shutdown, bandwidth scheduler and multiple features that will facilitate it all.

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Version 1.34
License Freeware
On Site Since 28/May/2010
Author BitComet
Last Update 11/February/2013
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Compatible Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7