Battlefield 2

Battlefield 2

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"Thrilling war game based in the modern era"
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Battlefield 2

If you are into first-person shooter video games then we here present you one you might want to try. Battlefield 2 is a FPS war game featuring role-playing and strategy elements, so it is not your regular shooting game, but a complex one instead.

Battlefield 2 features high quality graphics and animations, superb sound effects and a wide variety of weapons, which combined with a modern and detailed battlefield deliver a very realistic war experience.

Battlefield 2 takes place in the first years of the 21st century during a fictional war involving China, the European Union, Russia, and other power blocs. This game features a challenging and entertaining campaign mode, but you can also play with your friends over a LAN or connected to the internet with player all around the world. It supports up to 16 players at the same time.

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