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Battery Eater

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"Stress test your computer’s battery to find out how long it will last"
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Battery Eater

The freeware utility you can download here is called Battery Eater. The laptop or notebook owners among you might be particularly interested in the dedicated battery test tool presented here. As time passes by the time your battery lasts will decrease and if you’d like to know exactly for how long you can count on your battery under conditions close to the maximum workload, Battery Eater will give you the answer.

So, here’s a battery stress test solution everyone will be able to use. It features a straightforward and intuitive graphical user interface as shown on the posted preview images. It will give you a series of information about your CPU, RAM, display device, power supply, system, HDD, among others, as well as the report detailing the performed test results.

So, if interested in finding out how long your battery will last, initiate this free download.

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Version Pro 2.70
License Freeware
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Author Ilya Prokhotscev
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Compatible Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7