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"Powerful translation tool and comprehensive collection of dictionaries"
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Having problems with languages? If you are one of those people who have to frequently deal with multiple languages, then you need to use the following software to overcome that problem.

Babylon brings one of the most comprehensive collections of dictionaries in a single software solution. Not only that, but it offers a powerful translation tool which is ideal for multiple professional areas. Its smooth blend of useful tools makes it a reliable alternative.

The program provides an attractive user interface from which you´ll be able to access all functions and settings. You´ll also find the Globe, which is a particular module that floats on your desktop. You can move it to any position by easily dragging and dropping at your convenience.

Babylon is capable of translating words between 75 different languages. Not only that, but it can also translate phrases, entire texts, documents and even websites.

On the other hand, Babylon adds the amazing Wikipedia and other efficient sources in order to improve results. The best of all is that the program is able to automatically update the versions of all the currently used dictionaries.

Babylon even works inside applications, it is a professional alternative with the advantage of being easy to manipulate.

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