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"Exciting demo of James Cameron's Avatar movie-game"
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vatar is one of the best epic science fiction films. It has been written, produced and directed by James Cameron, in the United States of America. The story takes place in year 2154, in a time when human beings are trying to obtain Unobtanium, a precious mineral, found on a lush moon called Pandora. This moon is located in the Alpha Centauri Star System. In the mining for the Unobtanium, the existence of the Na'vis seems threatened by the humans, and for that reason this local tribe will fight to the death.

Now, Ubisoft brings James Cameron's Avatar in the form of a game, which is visually impressive. In this exciting demo, you will be able to control the hero of the movie: the marine Jake Sully. The action begins on the alien moon Pandora, where you have the mission to secure areas in which the humans have to bring mining equipment. As seen in the spectacular movie Pandora has forests full of dangerous and terrible beasts, which you will have to exterminate so everything safe for miners.

The Avatar game features easy to use controls, vehicles during missions, diversity of weapons, special abilities and more.

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On Site Since 4/May/2010
Author Ubisoft Entertainment.
Last Update 5/February/2013
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Compatible Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Requirements DirectX