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"aTube Catcher - Free streaming video download solution and much more!"
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aTube Catcher

The free download offered here is called aTube Catcher. If you’re a video lover you probably regularly find yourself watching clips on YouTube and other streaming video websites. Well, as such, you probably know such sites don’t readily provide download functionality, which might be understandable from their marketing point of view, but if you’d like to save a copy to enjoy on your mobile device while on the road, an internet connection might not be available or the cost of your data plan is too high to be able to watch those videos again, aTube Catcher will offer you a versatile solution.

With aTube Catcher you can easily download and convert videos

Video comes in many formats, such as streamed online material on dedicated sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, among others. Furthermore, it might come on optical media, such as a DVD for example, or you could download video sources in a wide range of file formats. Now, aTube Catcher can handle them all.

aTube Catcher features support for downloading video from over hundred dedicated sites and also encompasses video conversion support, including popular formats such as AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, MOV, and others.

aTube Catcher is a feature-rich and user-friendly application

aTube Catcher is, despite being a feature-rich application, an easy-to-use video free download and converter solution and more. It will provide you with a clean and tabbed graphical user interface (GUI) that is intuitive and suitable even for the novice computer users.

The first tab is labeled as Normal mode and allows you to paste in a URL, select the save location and the output profile, including whether or not to enable YouTube high-quality (HQ) / high-definition (HD). The following tabs are labeled Stream Catcher, Screen record, Video Converter and DVD Creator. These yet indicate some of the other key features of aTube Catcher: the screen recorder feature is pretty self-explanatory, the video converter has been mentioned yet and the DVD creator will let you create a playable standard DVD by just dragging your video files onto the provided box, additionally allowing you to select the device, the disc title, and NTSC or PAL.

There’s even more that aTube Catcher is capable of, such as extracting audio from a source video, creating audio CDs, MP3 discs, VCDs, enhanced clipboard functionality including history, basic video editing functionality to remove advertisement blocks, among others.

Conclusion about the costless aTube Catcher

One might wonder why would one look any further or use several applications, when most of the functions you might require to download, convert and enjoy video and audio material, as described in detail in the previous lines, is readily available in the freeware application aTube Catcher.

As such, if you’ve been reading up to this point, you should no longer hesitate and hit the dedicated download button to add this versatile utility to your toolkit so you can enjoy your favourite video material offline.

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