Apache HTTP Server

Apache HTTP Server

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"Famous and reliable cross-platform HTTP server"
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Apache HTTP Server

Apache HTTP Server is a great project created with aims to develop and offer a versatile HTTP server capable of working with the modern operating systems on the market. It is an extensible and efficient sever that can provide people with HTTP services synchronized with the actual HTTP standards. Through many years it has placed itself between the most popular servers around.

The installation of Apache HTTP Server is not complicated at all thanks to a new integrated wizard that takes care of the server´s activation and adds a notification icon on the tasks bar. Moreover, the Apache Service Monitor can be used to control the status of the server.

If you were looking for a trustable cross platform HTTP server, then your search is over. By the way, Netcraft performed a survey that found a 68 % of the web pages over the internet or even more that use Apache HTTP Server.

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Version 2.4.10
License Freeware
On Site Since 8/June/2010
Author Apache
Last Update 15/December/2014
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Compatible Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7