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"Ableton Live | DAW and live performance instrument"
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Ableton Live

The product presented here is called Ableton Live. It’s a digital audio workstation (DAW) available both for Mac OS X and Windows operating systems. Note though that here we offer you only the free demo download for Windows.

Now, it’s not a coincidence its name contains the word live, referring to the fact it’s more than just an advanced software sequencer for studio purposes, but is also to be considered a live performance instrument. As such, Ableton Live is regularly used nowadays by innovative DJs for example.

If interested in finding out more about this DAW annex live instrument, continue reading on as in the following lines we’ll go more in depth.

Ableton Live is different from its competitors

In the year 2001 Ableton Live was first released and from the initial version it differed from its competitors in various ways, mainly because it’s been designed to be used in live performances as well as for audio production purposes.

At the time of writing we’re speaking about Ableton Live version 9 which builds on version 8 and that had a lot of new features included.

What makes it special at first sight is the two views it’s composed of, namely the session view and the traditional arrangement view, the latter being available in most DAWs nowadays.

The session view enables the creative user to play around arranging audio clips and MIDI sequences, automatically synchronised to the main tempo or BPM, organised in scenes. This view is vertically organised, whereas the arrangement view is a horizontal one.

Ableton Live is a feature-rich application

Ableton Live features support for instruments, pre-configured virtual instruments that can be readily used for compositions. Note that also dedicated hardware instruments exist, such as MIDI controllers for instance. Furthermore, there are also add-ons available as well.

Also offered are a multitude of effects, including audio and MIDI ones. The audio effects include: auto filter, auto pan, chorus, compressor, dynamic tube, EQ eight, beat repeat, EQ three, erosion, filter delay, corpus, flanger, frequency shifter, gate, grain delay, limiter, looper, overdrive, phaser, ping pong delay, multiband dynamics, redux, resonators, saturator, simple delay, reverb, spectrum utility, vinyl distortion and vocoder. The MIDI effects provided include: arpeggiator, chord, note length, pitch, random, scale and velocity.

Furthermore, Ableton Live enables you to record automation, also called envelopes. This means that almost any parameter can be recorded or drawn in. Think of moving a fader or turning a knob on an instrument to alter a sound and this will become part of your project, is editable and can be reproduced as such.

Conclusion about Ableton Live

With Ableton Live you have an application to write, compose, record, mix, produce and perform music. It has a particular graphical user interface facilitating the workflow and process management related to audio production, including live sets, studio recording sessions, beat creation, among others. Library functionality is available, sounds and instruments can be directly used, and it’s become one of the hot DAWs of the moment.

So, proceed to the free download to get started with it.

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