A-PDF Size Splitter

A-PDF Size Splitter

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"Quickly and easily split PDF files into smaller ones"
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A-PDF Size Splitter

PDF stands for Portable Document Format and is an often used file format nowadays. As such, you might have created your proper PDF documents or received some. Now, as you're reading this article, chances are you have some rather huge PDF files you would like to split. This might be as to find a solution to deal with file size limits imposed by your email provider or other requirements, for instance. Any which way, here we present the solution called A-PDF Size Splitter.

It offers you an easy and quick way of splitting any PDF or group of PDF files into smaller sized ones, giving you complete flexibility and control in terms of split size and unique naming.

Note that  A-PDF Size Splitter even works with password-protected PDF files and it doesn't require Adobe Acrobat or Reader to be installed on your system.

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