A New Dawn

A New Dawn

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"Get everything out of your GeForce video card"
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A New Dawn

Owners and future owners of GeForce video cards might be interested in the following application. It is good to be aware of the possibilities and characteristics of your GeForce video card, so if you want to find out, try A New Dawn.

A New Dawn will show you how to reach the limits of the GeForce video card, demonstrating all new possibilities these cards have.

In 2002, the demo called Dawn, released by NVIDIA showcased a fairy character of extraordinary detail also named Dawn. This memorable character demoed is now back again. No negative signs of aging though, at least not in the graphical capacities. NVIDIA brought back Dawn once again in this demo called A New Dawn. Ten years passed by and finally Dawn has found a new home. And here is where the demo starts to demonstrate you what the new GeForce is all about.

Ready to enter in Dawn's wonderland?

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On Site Since 9/August/2012
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Last Update 18/October/2012
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Compatible Windows Vista, Windows 7