4K YouTube to MP3

4K YouTube to MP3
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"A dedicated solution to save audio from online streaming videos"
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4K YouTube to MP3

The freeware download offered here is called 4K YouTube to MP3. Let’s explain its title a bit more in detail: 4K refers to the collective term used for digital video formats having a 4,000 pixels’ horizontal resolution approximately. YouTube is the Google video streaming service annex website you’re supposedly familiar with and MP3 is one of the most popular consumer audio file formats used nowadays, supported by many devices it’s become some kind of standard.

As such, with 4K YouTube to MP3 you have a dedicated solution to extract audio from YouTube source material. But, despite its name, this application has a wider scope than the aforementioned items. Hence, with 4K YouTube to MP3 you can also extract audio from other sites as well, such as Facebook and Vimeo, which can furthermore be saved also in the OGG and M4A audio file formats.

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